Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational women are important because they offer an aspirational and empowering message for young girls and women. They provide a positive example that can make all the difference. Role models provide a face and identity to the goals and ambitions that many women may have, and they inspire us to believe that it is possible to realise those goals and dreams and not be defined by the expectations that society has set for them, but to strive for greater things and achieve their potential. Inspirational women offer a needed message of hope and ambition to women everywhere. We Are the Change.

Commissioner June Oscar AO

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Australian Human Rights Commission

First Nations women know what is needed to nurture and protect our families and communities. We have the knowledge, we have the skills, we have the networks and, most importantly, we have the determination. We are ready and have always been ready to transform our cultural power, knowledges and lived experiences into effective policy and program outcomes… to help create a future where First Nations women and girls are driving economic and social change and can form the structures to guarantee we have the best possible lives for us, our families and our communities

What are the qualities of First Nations Women Leadership?

 We asked our Deadly Women participants, and they were inspired by these First Nations Women leadership values:

Respect - Fair - Matriarch - Mother - Sister - Aunty - Grandma - Kindness - Encourage other Women - Courage - Guidance - Looking after Community and Country - Empower - Deadly - Equality - Decision-making - Celebrate - Love - Motivate - Ambitious - Resilient - Independent - Strong - Deadly - Hardworking - Caring - Reliable - Organised - Giving - Strong - Independent - Deadly - Motivational - Caring - Helping others - Strong - Learning - Influence - Respect -

Meet Our Inspirational Deadly Women Speakers

Kantesha Takai
Torres Strait Islander / Wuthathi
Dr Henrietta Marrie AM
Dr Henrietta Marrie AM
Gimuy Walubara Yidinji
Dr Donna Odegaard AM
Marilyn Miller
Kuku Yalanji / Waanyi

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